A great Fitness Motivation: Hard Cider Run!



Who isn’t willing to run with the promise of alcohol at the end? This 5k ended with a nice refreshing glass of hard cider! Seemed like the perfect race for me! Little did I know though that this race would kick my a$$. With allergy season in full swing in New York selecting a race through an apple orchard used to brew hard cider probably wasn’t my best idea. Oh and we can’t forget that it rained, nope down poured, the entire day on Friday right before this race took place on Saturday.


They say that you learn something about yourself everyday. Well after trekking through a muddy and unstable 3.1 miles I have learned that trail running is definitely not for me! I have bad and slightly unstable ankles due to sports injuries in high school. Running through slippery muddy areas that are unstable definitely was not an easy task. Don’t forget those pesky little twigs that look like every snake imaginable!


 My Aunt and I! Pre-run


The scenery was beyond beautiful for this race. I mean how on earth can you beat running through an apple orchard! The first .25 mile there were horses in their pen running alongside the race watching the people run on by. This was adorable to watch the horses follow people and race back to meet others!



I would do this race again in heart beat! I just know for next time to start taking allergy medicine weeks in advance. The people who hosted were amazing and very friendly. The music at the start and finish line was definitely a motivator. And for the first time, I really like some of my race photos! Next year I think I opt for the hungry apple option and eat a donut at each mile maker throughout the race to earn a second medal!


 My Aunt, her boyfriend, his daughter, and me! Post-run



Molly Nawoichyk


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