Ambassador Program


Runner's high is a feeling we have come to appreciate over the years. That feeling of wellness that helps sustain you through the low points and keeps you on a healthier path to a longer life. Running is a lifestyle that we couldn't do without, and it touches every aspect of our lives. We want to share that passion with as many people as possible, all over the USA. Husband-and-wife team, Jeff and Cheri Saxby, made it their goal to start a grassroots base camp for all that feel this passion for the run. They are building a team of runners in action, and in spirit!



A Run 4 Life Ambassador is someone who absolutely can't live without running, and wants everyone to know it! We're looking for like-minded athletes - from the 5K runner all the way up to the Ironman medalist. If it's impacted you positively, we want you to share your story, and run with us! You'll be able to test and review new products, share your stories, advice, and opinions in our blog, and get some great running gear. We're partnering with races and vendors in the hopes to offer discounts, sponsorships, and even more free gear, too. Definitely some great reasons to run more races!



 - Run 4 Life T-Shirt or Tank Top

 - Grab bag of promo gear and samples from us and our friends (when available)

 - A featured article in our newsletter, highlighting you, the runner!

 - Free gear we want to try with our test group before releasing to the public

 - Every member will also be featured on our website with all of their blogs attributed to them with their name as the author, and a link back to your personal blog or social media page



 - Use Facebook regularly; optionally Twitter, Instagram, etc.

 - Send us at least one written blog post per month (250 words) or submit a short video

 - Interact with our Facebook posts at least once a week (like/comment/share) and preferably share our blog posts with your network

 - Post pictures on our social media using @run4lifeusa and #run4life at least once a month

 - Train and run in branded Run 4 Life gear as much as you'd like!


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If you want to be part of our Ambassadors Program, follow us on FACEBOOK. We do all our announcements there :)